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2x2 video wall solutions

1, LG/BOE LED IPS Panel, support 24hours continously displaying ; 2, 0.88/1.7/1.8/3.5mm optional as the screen bezel for the gaps betwee 2 screen panel ; 3, Full hardware structure, no PC/CPU and operation system; 4, Easy installation, offer professional installation advice; 5, Easy operation, we offer you free software to control video wall; 6, Support RS-232 serial ports remote control; 7, Multiple signal input includes USB,BNC,YPbPr,VGA,HDMI,RS232; 8, Panels splicing freely like 1X3,3×3....10×10 etc.
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2x2 video wall solutions

ZXT LCD is leading the market as being an expert in control room solutions for broadcasting, telecommunications, public utilities, process control, traffic control,surveillance and command&control applications. ZXT LCD video wall solutions are ideal for Emergency Operations Centers,traffic and surveillance centers and utilities and process control room.Unlike plasma technology, ZXT LCD video walls require less power consumption and with auto pixel shift built in they are not subject to permanent,irreversible burn-in, unlike LCD's that have gaps/space between each monitor,tiled video walls offer more flexibility,stability and the possibility for a higher resolution.

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  ZXTLCD is a video wall manufacturer in China, we supply 0.88/1.7/1.8/3.5mm bezel for 46"/49"/55"/65" video wall display. When you have a video wall project, Firstly, you need confirm the screen bezel and brightness you prefer, different cost based on different screen bezel and brightness.

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Second, please confirm which above installation method you need. and then you can confirm the screen size you need based on the following installation size.

2x2 Video wall 46 inch.jpg

2x2 Video wall 49 inch.jpg

2x2 Video wall 55 inch.jpg

2x2 Video wall 65 inch.jpg

Which display size is more suitable to your requirements, if you need bigger or smaller a little display size, you can contact our sales team for other display solution from our website.

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we are looking for communication integrator who sell the screen and install for All the system, At present, Samsung brand video wall is short supply at present in the market, we advise BOE or LG brand for choice.

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If you would like to discuss your requirement or need any additional information on our 2x3 video wall solution, then please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. we will share you the screen panel technicial parameters and complete solution.